Will Peter Bunting dethrone Peter Phillips?

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I think the writing in on the wall for Dr Peter Phillips in this upcoming leadership race for leadership of the party.

The various MP’s are lining up behind each candidate, but from what I understand, there are some who are lying up behind Peter Phillips and are only there to push him off the plank.

Peter Phillips days as party leader will end in September and he will have a number of first.

  1. First party leader to be defeated in a leadership race
  2. First party leader never to become Prime Minister
  3. First party leader to be challenged even before he faced his first national election.
  4. First party leader to be dethroned in just a little over two years.
  5. First party leader to go up for leadership 3 times and lost all three.
  6. First party leader never to have gone to a national election
  7. Shortest serving party leader.

My advice to Peter Phillips therefore is rather the suffer the indignity of leaving pol;itics in disgrace, is to offer his resigination and allow Phillip Paulwell to step forward and challenge Peter Bunting.