Why has smartphones not helped Jamaica’s crime fighting efforts ?

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One would be of the believe that given the technology that is embedded in smartphones, we would have  observed more people providing information to the cops in stealth mode via their smartphones.  There are hundreds of thousands of smartphone across Jamaica, with the capability to record video, take pictures and upload this information a multitude of online sites including the police, but yet very little of the crime taking place in Jamaica, makes it to this medium, why?
We have no problem filming and uploading the operations of our security forces, neither does the sight of blood and core deter us from uploading images of dead bodies at accidents scenes, but Jamaicans will never film (stealthily) and uploading videos or images of criminals in action, why?
You can expect to see images coming out from the ZOSO taken by Mount Salem residents, but what you will never see is images of guns being hidden in backyards so the security forces can remove them from the streets.
We are our own enemies, bawling for state protection when gangsters whom we support suddenly turn on us, but provide full support as long as they don’t trouble anyone from our families.