Where are the unions on the Ramharrack case, why the silence ?

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I have noticed something very interesting over the last few weeks and I think its now time to share this with the public.

When there is a financial matter on hand the media seeks out the financial experts from the private and the public sector to help us decipher what is taking place and help the public to gain a better understanding of the matters on hand.

The same thing happens for sports, we get renowned sports analyst to get to the bottom of the matter and advise us on what is really taking place.

In the Ramharrack Vs Petrojam case, the media has sought to get “political analyst” whom have virtually zero experience on Labour and Industrial relations laws to help us understand what is taking place .

Ramharrack vs Petrojam has been one of the biggest IR case to hit the public airways in a long time but the people giving “considered” views are NOT the IR or labour law experts .

Where are the experts from


2. NWU