Where Are The Caribbean EDTech Startups?

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While everyone was pretty much declaring the summer over, and that we are now officially in back to school mode, this question, ran across my mind. Where are our Caribbean EDtech Startups?
I remember doing both a list of Top 25 Caribbean Startups to Watch in 2015 and I had two EDtech startups on that list. I remember also, doing a blog post on how our two major Caribbean Telecom companies – Digicel and Flow/Cable & Wireless, had jumped into the EDtech business to compete with the startups there. Both acquired pioneers in the space to offer the service directly to their customers.
So, with that question in mind, and with that little bit of background, I went to do a quick and dirty status check for Caribbean EDtech startups, who are innovating in the Caribbean Education industry. In short,here is what is what I found. A few startups are in the dead pool, the telecom companies that own EDtech brands, are still operating though quietly and four Caribbean EDtech startups are still in the game.
The four startups still in the game are: