When Tech Meets Community Tourism = Why Airbnb is doing so well in Jamaica

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The Jamaican newspapers broke the news last year, that Jamaican hosts had made US$2.4M from 4,000 listings on Airbnb in 2017. They outed what was quietly and happily developing with lots of help from Airbnb how to and testimonial videos and apparently zero help from the Jamaica Tourist Board ( they’re going to kill me for this, lol). It was an official announcement of sorts, that showed clear evidence that Tech had merged with Jamaican Community Tourism, the playing field had been levelled and the sector was now finally more inclusive, on both the business and consumer sides.
This is a perfect example of when tech enters to innovate and disrupts an industry, and makes it better. It shows the industry’s inefficiencies and the fresh possibilities by both reflecting and facilitating the changes in local and global travel trends.