When Kids Take Action

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The mighty NRA could be going under. And a group of kids, barely old enough to vote, could be responsible.
In a lawsuit filed against New York governor Andrew Cuomo, the gun rights lobby claims it’s going broke because a state agency made insurers cut ties with the association.
Without insurance coverage, the NRA said, it cannot operate successfully
An ongoing crusade by the Parkland school shooting victims apparently prompted the state’s move.
The NRA’s pet politicians are also in danger.
Those formidable kids are proving how powerful persistent public pressure can be. And they haven’t even been to the polls yet.
The Parkland shooting victims’ crusade could have a big impact on the November midterms. They might even flip Florida!
Meanwhile, it seems the gun makers who pour millions into the NRA aren’t as flush as they used to be. Remington, for example, recently filed for bankruptcy.