What would happen if the Chinese packup and leave next week

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There has been wide spread concerns about the Chinese taking over Jamaica given their involvement in major infrastructural projects across Jamaica .

They have now moved into main stream construction projects, building high rise apartments and shopping centers across the country.

People say our debt to the Chinese are very high, but the truth is only about 6% of our external debt is owned to China so the real question is , who really owns our debt.

Let’s get to the original question however, what if the Chinese suddenly become fed up with the xenophobia surrounding their presence in Jamaica and decides to walk away, who do you think would be able and willing to step in and fund these major infrastructural projects that are on the table.

Let’s think on these things.

I am sure some smart Alex is going to say ” So just because they giving us low interest loans they should be allowed to do what they want”. I know its coming , so let me put on record, that’s not what I am suggesting, so let’s focus on the question, who is willing and able to step in at same level of rates being provided by the Chinese.