We must go see the "doctor" for a cleansing.

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So, we must go see the doctor.What doctor I say?Up in the Hills, mon. She needs a cleansing!!Oh, lawdy, where to now.Here's another adventure you have gotten us into i say to myself!So, early the next morning, a strange driver comes to my hotel.My other friend is sitting in the car with him.I get in and off we go. Up, Up, up and away.into the hills of Westmoreland.A nice drive through the hilly country.Wow, there is so much that i have never seen around Negril.As we are driving I look out the window and it is about a 50-60 foot fall over the side of the road.Man, i hope this guy is a good driver.The road winds around, turns this way, turns that way.I dont recognize anything. Never knew where we were going.Up in the hills Mon!! Thats all i was told.About 1 hour and a 1/2 after leaving my room we arrive.This place looks like a very old church.There are a few cars parked on the road and men standing outside.My friend and I go inside.She talks to a woman for a while and we are told to have a seat.2-3 hours. Sitting and waiting. Listening to other people waiting, talking about whats going on in their lives.Man, i'm getting good at understanding the locals.A woman behind a curtain motions for me and my friend to come.We go through a doorway that leads out to the back and there he is.He is sitting at a desk/table adourned with what you would see in a movie about a witch doctor.Bottles and jars of things spread out.The assistant says have a seat.After a little talking that i could not understand, the man says "Do you have something for me?"She hands him an envelope.The other lady tells me "you must wait outside"Be careful with my baby!(i say to myself) She came in one piece, i need her back the same way.The man looked at me like he was reading my mind.I got the "----" out of there fast! I waited on the road with some drivers who had dropped off the fares to do the same thing.We chatted up there for a while. You know i asked a million questions, but I cant remember anything me and the guys waiting talked about.Just shooting the breeze.My first time being higher than sea level. The air is different up there. Fresh, It even seems like the sky is clearer.Soon, my friend is finished with "whatever" and comes onto the road.She is smiling and all is well.