Waiting at the airport for my buddy to pick me up.

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Good bye darling, i'll see you next trip.Well, it's been 6 months and i'm back.I got use to my private driver Nick, picking me up at the Airport in Mobay.I come out of the arrival door and look around.These guys are still working hard, trying to get a fare.Taxi mon? Taxi? Need a ride? No thanks, i'm waiting for my buddy.So, i pull my bags over to the seating area right by the door.I make sure i can see the road, so if Nick pulls up i can jump in.The cops are making sure nobody lingers.If your pick-up is there, cool, but you can't wait in front, parked or just double parked.One of the guys comes over and says, Your buddy, maybe he will not come!No way, Nick's my man, i can count on him.Call him mon, here.He handed me a cool little celly phone.I dialed the number.