Visa fraud by students from Jamaica , I am shocked !

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I am here in shock

250 students mainly University students
who submitted application for J1 visa to be part of the cultural exchange
program with the USA are under investigation for visa fraud.  It’s being alleged that these folks may have
submitted fraudulent documents to the embassy.

It is said these students
submitted documents with doctored grades, ie grades higher that their official
transcript as well as higher GPA scores than they have obtained on their
official transcript.

60 Students have been confirmed
to have submitted false grades. Reports are these students paid around $20k to
create these falsified documents.

Each of the 60 students were
fined $200,000 or ten times what they paid for the falsified documents.

Are these the new crop of
managers we are creating.

Where is the transformation that
higher education is supposed to bring about, why did these students think it
was ok to submit grades higher than they had obtained at school.