A trip to Hanover, Jamaica

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Lets go to Hanover, have you ever been there?No baby, whats Hanover?It's a small town.To my Aunties house, not far, maybe 1 hour drive.Is Regan, your driver, gonna take us?Oh yeah, he always parks out front on the road in his van.I'll go check.So, i walk out to the road, sure enough I see his van, but where is he?I look over to the little road side stand next to Sunrise. A couple of guys are always sitting around over there.I look, but no Regan,Hey, where's Regan?He's in his van.I start to walk closer, but i don't see him.Oh, well, there are nuff drivers out here waiting.I think I'll go over to the little store across the street from Times Square.As i walk i pass Regan's van, sure enough, he's there.