A trip to Hanover, Jamaica

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Lets go to Hanover, have you ever been there?No baby, whats Hanover?It's a small town.To my Aunties house, not far, maybe 1 hour drive.Is Regan, your driver, gonna take us?Oh yeah, he always parks out front on the road in his van.I'll go check.So, i walk out to the road, sure enough I see his van, but where is he?I look over to the little road side stand next to Sunrise. A couple of guys are always sitting around over there.I look, but no Regan,Hey, where's Regan?He's in his van.I start to walk closer, but i don't see him.Oh, well, there are nuff drivers out here waiting.I think I'll go over to the little store across the street from Times Square.As i walk i pass Regan's van, sure enough, he's there. Asleep, lying down on the seat.Man, he's an older guy, but he's sleeping like a baby. Should I wake him up now?Nah, i'll wait till......He pops up all of a sudden!Hey, whats up Mark!Man, i didn't want to wake you, but I need to go to...Yeah, Mon, Yeah Mon, I'm here mon!Ok, i said, i'll just be a few minutes,Yeah Mom, yeah, yeah, I'm here!Once a driver knows you are going to need a ride, they make sure you know they are ready, willing and available.Once, i was dropped off at the Boat Bar by Regan. After a little time, i caught a Route guy back, then when i was in my room, i called Regqan and told him i needed t go to Mi Yard.He said ok.I walked out to the road and no Regan.I called him again, but he had driven back to the Boat Bar and was there waiting for me.Anyway, we were heading to Hanover to my wife's cousin's house.its been a while since my wife last went there.She was trying to tell Regan, by using landmarks, where to turn.The road was very rough and the shocks or struts on Regan's car were broke or he didn't have any.I can't remember the route, but once we made a left the road turned very rough.Bumpity-bump for aboout 15 minutes, god, where is this place!Another turn, it seemed like we were very far from Negril.So, we finally find the place and i jump out. My backside is sore.There was a house up on a hill, all of a sudden you could see doors opening and heads poppin out.The kids were just getting home from school in thier uniforms.Its so nice, the way Jamaicans greet each other after a long absence."So this is your husband", auntie said.They all went in the house for a while, but, outside is where i like to be. This is real country, like down south USA.Trees and plants, fruits and veggies and fresh air.The quietness, it hits me real hard.Just stand on the crest of a hill, and lookout, when its soooo quiet, one can really do some good thinking. There were grape trees, pecans trees, coconuts trees , all sorts of plants out in the back yard.They told my wife "Make sure you take this and that back to your mom's".They got me a chair and i was sitting, when auntie comes over . "do you like coconuts?SureSo, she goes around back an knocks some off of a tree. She chops off a round part and shows me how to scrape the inside of it.She worked that machete like a pro.I was wandering around and i notice some smooth large stones, like graveyard head stones. "thats where my grandmother is buried' my wife said.I forgot that the locals sometimes bury the family right there on the side or behind the house.I was scared that i stepped on the grave.I'm sorry!It's ok, my wife said. Calm down.(i always over-react)Regan, my driver was knocked out in the van, i guess he knew this was not a quick trip.We ate, wrapped up food for the return trip and headed back to NegrilIt was a nice time.