A trip around Jamaica, Ocho Rios

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I exited the plane in MoBay and the air was magnificent. Even though the skies in Chicago look clear, i know there is much pollution in the air and i needed a getawy.I had been to Negril 6-7 times and a change of pace was in order.My driver Nick, picked up my girl friend and drove her to Sangster to meet me.Hey, what's up Nick, i said as i exited the building.I looked into the back seat and there was baby. Man, i missed her after 6 months in the states.I opened the car door and got a great big kiss. Nick pulled out of the parking area at the airport. "on to Ocho Rios! I saidMy friend and i were both sitting in the back seat playing the little games lovers play.Nick, up front like a chauffer, me and my baby in the back, chillin! It was pretty nice.Hey Mark, Nick said "how are your rolling skills"Not bad, i said.He tossed back a bag full and i started on it.I started and had to tell my girl to scoot over some. (she was all up on a brother0 Hee hee, she laughed and moved a couple of inches.The drive was pretty nice. The always amazing country side of Jamaica was as green as ever. We came into the town of Ocho Rios and it reminded me of Lucea a bit. So, now we must find the Silver Seas Hotel.We asked some people walking, but they didn't know where it was.We found a Red Stipe (cop) and he pointed "up past the clock"So we drove on and around a bend. There it was.I bid farewell to Nick, "see you in 6 days i told him", Yeah Yeah, later Mon, he said.We checked in and were led up to the second floor.The room was great, there was an ice machine right down the hall.For some reason, i just gotta have ice, plenty of it where ever i stay.The room had 2 balcony doors, that when opened, looked out onto the Caribbean Sea.Magnificent! Fantastic! words cannot explain the sight.During our stay we strooled around a bit.Eating here and there.One day it was raining pretty hard, i did not want to go out, neither did my girl, so and a man, a worker at the hotel, ran someplace and brought back staemy hot Jerk Chicken, rice and peas.He was always close by if we needed anything.A very nice 6 days.My driver Nick,(now my best buddy) came to pick us up and drove us back to Negril for more fun in the sun!