A trip around Jamaica, Ocho Rios

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I exited the plane in MoBay and the air was magnificent. Even though the skies in Chicago look clear, i know there is much pollution in the air and i needed a getawy.I had been to Negril 6-7 times and a change of pace was in order.My driver Nick, picked up my girl friend and drove her to Sangster to meet me.Hey, what's up Nick, i said as i exited the building.I looked into the back seat and there was baby. Man, i missed her after 6 months in the states.I opened the car door and got a great big kiss. Nick pulled out of the parking area at the airport. "on to Ocho Rios! I saidMy friend and i were both sitting in the back seat playing the little games lovers play.Nick, up front like a chauffer, me and my baby in the back, chillin! It was pretty nice.Hey Mark, Nick said "how are your rolling skills"Not bad, i said.He tossed back a bag full and i started on it.I started and had to tell my girl to scoot over some. (she was all up on a brother0 Hee hee, she laughed and moved a couple of inches.The drive was pretty nice.