Tribe Sankofa Thrills with Three-day Showing

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More to Jamaican Theatre Scene than Comedy – Tribe Sankofa thrills with three-day showing!
By Anna-kae West
There is, in Jamaica, a common misconception that comedy is theatre. It is generally a foregone conclusion that when one goes to the theatre in Jamaica they are going to see a comedy show and after all, we are the country of people who “tek bad tings mek joke”.   We have become accustomed to jocular expressions sometimes interspersed with a one-liner that speaks to current affairs, but by and large, our theatre space exists in a realm that doesn’t delve very deeply into the very difficult socio-economic and political realities we experience on a daily basis.
Isn’t there a space in Jamaican theatre for the unadulterated examination of the most pressing issues affecting our country? Enter, Tribe Sankofa.
Tribe Sankofa