On Top of the World...Almost.

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Arlene and Justin look on as Jamie photographs the Buff Bay ValleyNow that I'm safely on this side of Sunday, I dare declare, "Yesterday was AWESOME!!!" I was almost on top of the world, or so it seemed as some friends and I made the trek up the Blue Mountains. We drove from Charles Town in Buff Bay as far up as the terrain allowed then parked and walked the rest of the journey to Section. Once there, we stopped at the James Dennis coffee farm for some much needed rest and good organic brew.It was definitely one of the more fun yet eventful Sundays I've had in a while; what with one flat tyre, a twisted ankle, landslides and a close-call (yes, my life flashed before my eyes as I negotiated that never-ending hill through the Dennis coffee farm). Still, I'd do it again in a heart-beat.The views defy description, so I will not attempt any.