There was nothing special about Dirk Harrison’s tenure

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Yesterday, August 29, 2019 the Gleaner newspaper reported that former Contractor General Dirk Harrison had indicated in a letter he was leaving the integrity commission , 6 months ahead of the date his contract would have come to an end.

Of note, the report said he was “retiring” but did not say if its from the public sector. I have heard other report suggest he has “resigned” from the Integrity Commission . I am therefore left confused, did Dirk Harrison resign from the Integrity Commission or has retired from the Pubic Sector.

What is even more interesting, is that Dirk Harrison letter at the time of the newspaper report had not yet been received by the Integrity Commission (not sure if it was delivered and the method used for that delivery), which brings into question not only Dirk’s motive but also his credibility , integrity and character.

One would expect that when one is resigning, that information is communicated to the people who employ you before you go public, that is considered to correct thing to do, but no sir not Dirk, he does not have to follow the established protocols he just do as he see fits.