Taking the little one to the beach

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Are we really going tomorrow? Shantay was all wired up.Yes, little darlin, tomorrow.My neice, 3 years old, who has never been to the beach was all excited about going.Her sister (who is about 13)was telling her"there are sharks out there, they will get you!Mama! Mama! de sharks fina bite me? We were all laughing, the other kids would chase her like they were sharks,AYYY, AYYY, you not gonna get me.Bite! Bite! MAMA! MAMA! the Shark gonna get me?No, darling, i said. Look baby, I will be with you and your aunt too.I swim like a fish....and....But, the shark swim good too? Right?(she had me there) well, they don't come in close, they like the deep water.So next morning, after breakfast i was just sitting at mom's place on the beach. The water was super calm, like glass. I was about to fall into that sand gravity mode.Uh Oh, today is the beach day! I gotta go! So i payed up the bill, left the tip with the waitress and jumped in a rout mobile.When i got to my In laws house, they were still getting ready.