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Talk about a lazy summer.
It seems as if summer is almost half way over and all we have done is crash on the couch!
Oh but let’s talk about how it seems like the year is half way over and this is the first time for 2018 that there has been update. (Insert facepalm here!!)
This year just seemed to have run away from me. It can’t only be me! right?!
Any way if you are like us and have waited until now to decide what to do with the kiddiewinks for the rest of the summer a very dear friend shared with me this PDF filled with camps and schools for all ages some that even go into August.
Honestly we are hoping to have a memory filled summer. Beach, baking and frolics in the sun are all things that we want todo.
So far we have crossed off:-
making cookies without a recipe
running through the sprinkler… this is really an awesome fun activity to cool you off on a hot day. And boy have these days been hot I guess this has helped contribute to the couch potato-ness LOL.