Speaking Jamaica Patois – Part 2

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So, were you able to say the test sentences from part 1 in Jamaican patois?
Test .
Can you say the following in Jamaica patois.
1. The bottle is empty. -  De bokkle hempty.
2. My mother loves ginger tea. – Mi madda lov ginga tea.
3. I cut my little finger with the paper. – Mi cut mi likkle finga wid de paypa.
Well done.
In this article, we will examine how Jamaicans address each other. Most persons will address their friends, neighbours and colleagues by their first or last name. In Jamaica, however, many persons don’t even know the correct names of some of their acquaintances. In fact, it is not uncommon to hear persons at funerals comment, ‘a so him did name, all dis time mi neva know’. Yes, at first introductions, actual names are exchanged however Jamaicans tent to give each other nicknames. In most cases these names are used as a term of endearment and not meant to insult or ridicule.