A Short Survey For Your Input

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One of the big things to get used to here in Jamaica is the fact that everyone has a cell phone.I have not met a single adult who does not a cell-phone, and the 116% penetration rate means that many people have more than one phone. (By contrast, the penetration rate in the US is 89%.)This means that Jamaica is a fine place to predict what will happen in other countries, especially in their workplaces. I have been observing smartphone habits here in Jamaica, and in the US, and have decided to do a survey to look at Smartphone Use and Abuse.It's a short survey of of only 9 questions focusing on smartphone habits, and you actually don't need to have one to add respond (in fact, I am hoping to get a mix of users and non-users.)Click here to complete the survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/smartphone-survey2