Sharper Yet: The Hurdles Crew and Youth Inspiring Positive Change

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It’s not often that I can be found sipping coffee in the company of a large group of young volunteers and their partners and sponsors on a Sunday morning. But so it was today, in a cool tent at the lovely Terra Nova Hotel in the heart of steamy, warm Kingston.
The Positive Organisation (Youths Inspiring Positive Change) founded by Neville Charlton five years ago was holding its very first Positive Awards 2018. Like many award ceremonies, it was a fairly lengthy affair; but once the initial stiffness was overcome, cheerful and illuminating in many ways. The incomparable Emprezz Golding, in a long, summery, shoulderless gown, guided things along in her usual effortless manner; she always seems to know when the audience is losing concentration and ups the “vibes” with a happy rallying call.