Shaggy at the Jungle night Club, but Elephant man stole the show!

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Well, i'll tell ya.Got there about 10 ish. Just couldn't wait i guess. Many "beautiful people" were still out side, hangin.Paid for ticket and had the full body pat/search."he's clean"So, i'm looking around and there were a lot of people standing in the front."which way to the..... "around back man"Walked down a long drive way on the side of the Jungle and then it just opened up.Looked like a gravel football field. Wow, this is cool.3-4 Heinekin posted bars set up on left, right and back of the audience.The first couple of acts were nice.After a while people started arriving in herds.8-12 at a time.the music was good for a concert, loud and thumpin.All of a sudden lightning struck!It was Elephant MAN!i DID NOT KNOW THIS GENTLEMAN WAS SO FULL OF ENERGY!immediately he grabbed hold of your soul and started spinning it around.He had me going down to the bone."who is this guy?" He was movin and shaken, dressed in all white, with a very loud voice, you felt him comin at ya!Mr.