Shades of Al Capone?

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As I follow the intricate web of evidence emerging in the Mueller probe, echoes of the case that finally put Al Capone (photo) behind bars reverberate in my mind.
No, I don’t really think Trump is a latter-day Scarface. He isn’t that deadly. But I feel in my bones that the president of the USA has Mob ties.
And it seems to me that Mueller and his investigators are splashing about in the shallows when they could be casting their nets in much deeper water.
Al Capone was eventually nailed for tax evasion. The authorities couldn’t pin anything more sinister on the infamous Mafia don.
So what will they eventually pin on Trump?
Probably “violations of federal campaign finance laws.” Or “obstruction of justice.” Possibly “conspiracy to commit election crimes.”
Don’t you think Trump might be guilty of worse than that?