SCUBA skills we had to master

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10 min swimEquipment assembly/ dis assemblyEquipment donning and adjustmentBCD inflation and deflation at surface (oral and low pressure)Regulator recoveryRegulator clearingMask clearing (small leak and full)Underwater swimmingSubmersible pressure gauge useAlternate air source useHand signal recognitionAscentPre-dive safety checkDeep water entrySnorkel clearing - blast methodSnorkel/regulator exchangeDescentSurface swimming with scubaMask removal, replacement and clearingNo mask breathingDisconnect low pressure inflaterProper weightingAir depletion exerciseWeight removal at the surfaceDeep water exit - removal of equipmentFin pivot (low pressure inflation and oral inflation)neutral buoyancy swimCramp removalTired diver towAir depletion/ alternate air source useFree flow regulator breathingControlled Emergency swimming ascentThings we learned above our qualification:no mask swimweight removal and replacement (underwater and surface)