Sandy's Jamaican Black Castor Oil

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Over the past few years, the International Beauty Community have caught on to what Jamaicans have always known. Jamaican black castor oil is filled with so many benefits for your hair and for your skin.Ricinoleic acid or Omega 9 plus omega-6in JBCO improves the blood circulation to your scalp thereby encouraging hair growth and hair strength. JBCO also is anti-aging anti-inflammatory, antifungal and anti-bacterial.Jamaican black castor oil is processed in a traditional way without adulteration and is alkaline compared to the slightly acidic plain castor oil.Benefits of JBCO:1. Natural laxative2. Moisturizer3. Promotes wound healing4. Reduces acne5. Arthritis remedy6. May get rid of stretch marks7. Relieves constipation8. Lengthen eyelashes9. Thicken eyebrows10.  removes molesSandy's Castor Oil, 100% Raw Jamaican Black Castor Oil, is purely organic and salt-free.  Sandy's Castor Oil is made in Manchester, Jamaica, will deliver worldwide and locally, contact them at 1-876-345-8264 or check them out on  Instagram