ROUN’ JAMAICA – Walkerswood: ‘All things nice and full of spice’.

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'The Green Pond''The Green Pond'


You can find one of Jamaica’s hidden treasures in the beautiful parish of St. Ann.  Walkerswood is a spice lover’s paradise. Bright, welcoming colours, a verdant garden, complete with a stone fountain, greeted the Gleaner Online team at the main entrance of Walkerswood Caribbean Foods Limited. Making our way to the administrative office, we were greeted by Claudette McFarlane, our guide for the day who took us through the rich history and many wonders of Walkerswood.

The Pimento Porch Clubhouse was our first stop. With our complimentary drink in hand, we went in, feasting our eyes on the well-kept specimens of how life was back in the 1960s. The old cold stove and the dry coconut brought back memories for some of us… (I think).