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I regret not following up my blog as I used to in previous years.  Everyday I see something else I can blog about, some mundane, some topical... all with something I can learn from.  But alas I have not been sharing in this medium.  I avoid lumping them and presenting bites because that's Bass chocolate's MO.  But none-the-less I just gonna speak extemporaneously.HIJACKINGLet it not be said that I agree with any politician but.... if you have things in place to deal with what you are accustomed to dealing with, and a breech occurs outside of the culture.. I suspect you will be caught with your pants down too.  Everyone was in shock when they awoke to the news.  The first thing I thought was that the hijacker came down in the plane, not that he boarded in Ja!!  Dat don't mek no sense to me.  All now it don't mek sense.  Him coulda deh pon crack or have schizophrenia.. it is not a Jamaican tactic!!  My fear now is dat some idlers thinking to demself ... "hey, yu know seh mi neva ting bout dat!  Come mek wi Ijack one plane to farrin!"  STRIKEMy fellow doctors decided that the best way to deal with the current economic impasse with the government is to go on strike.