PS4 Console Review (Video Games)

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This generation of home video game consoles has not impressed me at all. It seems that people are using them as expensive netflix players than for playing video games. yes, the graphics, the resolution is great which is mostly a result of tonnes of RAM while most of the games are simply pretty versions of old stuff.I played some rounds of fortnite and all I have to say is battle royale is beyond trash. Like noob lotto. I seriously have not felt like this since the last time I played Modern Warfare 3. I could could feel my brain cells shrinking as I looted buildings looking for guns and health kits. The randomness of the game reminds me of smartphone games that never end. The games that and appeal to the part of the brain that gives a "feel good" simply showing up. I generally avoid stuff like that, I instantly feel like I am wasting my time when I could be doing something else.Played some NBA 2k but my main focus was Minecraft. I can see why little kids like the game so much. It allows them to have a big sandbox in which they can play around while feeling good and constantly making progress.