Productivity: Are You Cutting Meetings to the Bone?

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  Is it possible to simultaneously cut the total time people spend in meetings while improving their quality? Not only is it possible, but there is a natural link between the two results that your company could exploit to increase its overall productivity. How many hours do  folks in your organization spend in meetings each year? Usually, this number is a mystery, yet the majority of attendees would agree that it’s too high. You may know from bitter experience the painful minutes lost in a poorly run meeting. Perhaps it took twice as long as it should have. Maybe you would have bolted out the door if there were no social downside for doing so. Here in Jamaica, if the big man/woman doesn’t leave the room, no-one does, regardless of the time being wasted. Bombarded by thoughts of the things we could be doing instead, we have all had such moments. However, the fact that we care means little. The larger cultural forces at play keep us in check, perpetuating a measurable travesty which costs the best employees’ precious time. After all, meetings tend to attract the most important people.