PODCAST INTERVIEW: How to Kickstart a Tech Startup Community and Create a Safe Space for Entrepreneurship

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” A dozen years ago, the tech entrepreneurship space in the Caribbean is not like it is now. At that time, techies were considered outliers – an exotic and raggedly bunch who were trying to make their pipe dreams come true. Fast forward to today, technology and innovation are being actively encouraged in schools and by policymakers, and may even be considered mainstream.
This past June, and after 11 years, over 100 stagings and over 10,000 attendees, Ingrid held the final Kingston BETA. As she contemplates her next move, we thought it opportune to have a chat with her, to reflect on the phenom that was Kingston BETA, some of the lessons learned, and her plans for the future. Some of topics we covered during out discussion included:
  • How and why Ingrid changed paths from communications/journalism to becoming a tech entrepreneur