Plastic Bottles Aplenty, but JET is Disappointed at Delay in Deposit Refund Scheme

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“Plastic bans” are clearly not a quick or simple fix for our island’s overwhelming garbage problem. It only sounds simple (to the know-alls on social media, for example). There are obstacles to overcome. We know that plastic bottles are the most ubiquitous item, but we are not ready yet, it seems, to take them on. Like JET, I am very disappointed at this delay. Can we please hurry up?
The findings of last year’s International Coastal Cleanup Day regarding plastic bottles are a “given,” but the plastic bag situation is perhaps surprising. Do look out for JET’s full report on last year’s results over the weekend.
And once again, I would like to stress: If you care about our environment, please support JET in whatever way you can. Small NGOs (yes, they are small) cannot exist on thin air. They have to pay their bills, while working hard to design and implement programs and to advocate for a cleaner, healthier environment in which we can all thrive.