Our time in the States photo dump.

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Both Neiah and I have come to the point that
we are ready to go home. We have had a great
time (and still have a few days left), but the fun
is quickly coming to an end.
Here is the recap of our time in the states.
Neiah's first vacation with the family in the Dells.
 We had a blast as Neiah enjoyed her favorite things of:
constant swimming
 and constant playmates
 and the combination of both!
 We celebrated Mamaw's birthday.
 Had a cousins sleepover with a tent and everything!
 Went to the zoo and fed the giraffes
 and loved watching the animals.
 Went to swimming lessons
 with her buddy Brady.
We watched Uncle Ryan coach softball games.
 And took family pictures. The kids all got to
pick who they wanted in 'their' picture, and where
they wanted to take it. I think this was Colts choice.
 This picture reminds me of the Little Rascals:)
 Love these Crazies...
And these Crazies too!
 Neiah had been asking to ride a horse so we went over to
Uncle David & Aunt Kate's house to give her that experience.
 She changed her mind when she saw the actual size of the horse, 
but was brave enough to try one ride around the corral with Uncle David.
 The 1st and probably only Jamaican cowgirl:)
So thankful for this Amazing time we have had with family and friends!