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Today I am 'stranded' at home because my car is in the
shop getting worked on so I am able to catch up on things
like blogging. 
Here is a very general over view of October.
 The first week plus we had the JOC here with us on the
island. We spent lots of time in meetings, and lots
 of time looking at properties around MV. We were able to
narrow down the properties to 3 that all had potential
and at the end of their time an offer was made on one
of the properties for future ministry work here in Jamaica.
2 days later that offer was denied with no counter offer, 
and so we took that as a clear door shutting and are once
more pursing properties for purchase in the MV area.:)
 We got a very last min. team this year. They have
been going to the Mobay campus for the past 10 years, 
but since Mobay no longer has missionaries there
(anyone to host them) we got them here at KP instead.
This was a lot for them and us to prepare and process through
in such short time (we had 3 days notice), but it was a great
week, and I would gladly host this team again anytime.
 Also during this week Blake got the sea
container out of port, so on Tuesday of that
week, some of the team joined us in doing
the local deliveries around MV. Its always 
nice to have teams around to help unload the
sea containers. Many hands make lite work, and
when you are moving thousands of pounds in a few
short hours you thankfully accept any willing hands
you can get!
Hero's weekend 
(a national holiday here in Jamaica)
is a long weekend every October. I try to use this time to
run away for a girls weekend with Neiah.
 We were able to spend 4 glorious mornings at the beach
(the rain moved in in the afternoons)
 most days were were there early enough that we
had the beach to ourselves for an hour or two before
the tourists arrived.
 This little lady LOVES to swim (as long as she can touch and its on her terms)
and would spend all day everyday in the water.
 So thankful for these times to run away with this girl.
 (Neiah spelled her name in the sand.)
And that in a nut shell is our October.