No Holds Barred

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You probably have never been in a street fight or a barroom brawl. Neither have I.
At school and later at the YMCA, I used to box. Big gloves, Marquess of Queensberry rules, that kind of thing.
And I’ve been in a few harmless fist fights over the years.
But a no-holds-barred brawl  is quite different. You hit below the belt. You bite and scratch and kick and gouge.
So when people like John Brennan are outraged by Trump’s tactics, I have to wonder whether they’ve ever been in a real knockdown drag out fight.
Surely, Brennan must’ve encountered some dirty fighters while he was boss of the CIA?
Yes, Trump is a dirty fighter.  Are you surprised?
Of course he will revoke those security clearances. And he won’t care about being “fair.”