My little man at the Hi-Lo grocery store

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Hey Regan, what's up Mon.He was nodding in his van on the road.Wow, to sleep in your car, windows down, alone, on the road.I would be too scared to do that in Chicago.He jumped up with a little startled look. Yeah mon, yeah mon, mi ready!Amazing, from sound asleep to ready to go in 3 seconds. LOLI need to go to the Hilo.Ok, ok (he was still half sleep, sitting straight up and starting his van as i hopped in.We pulled into the parking lot and we both got out.There was a little chair or 2 milk cartons stacked together close to the store's front.My driver said he'll be sitting right here.He found an old Gleaner and started to read, while i went inside.I found a shopping cart and started to push it.I was going to stock the room with juices and snacks and stuff.I had put one or 2 items in the cart.I left the cart and walked closer to the cheese section, found the cheese i wanted, and when i turned around, there was this little boy, maybe 7 or 8.He hand both his hands on the cart and was pushing it.No words were said by him or me.I looked him in his eyes and took a step down the aisle.He took a step.I stopped,he stopped.So, you are my cart pusher for today.No words were spoken, we just communicated our thoughts through the air.So, i strolled up and down the aisles, my little man in trail behind me.He was a cool liitle dude. very agile and quick, he could handle the cart like a pro.Well, i think i have everything i need and headed to the check out lanes.As i got there i stood and was looking at the check out lady.I turned around and my little man was gone.Hmmm, he didn't even say good bye.I got closer and then just started to put my things by the register.I looked up and he was at the other end.Bagging my stuff.The guy/bagger that was working there just watched me watch him.I gave him the "it's ok look"My little man tried to carry all my stuff at the same time.Whoa up there man, i got this bag.We came out and my driver stood up, looked at the youth and just walked over to his van.My little man and i loaded up the vam through the side door.Good job! Well done! i said.I reached in my pocket and gave him a well deserved payment for services rendered.Never saw him again, but i do hope he is ok.