My bark is worse than my bite, a quiet evening in Negril

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Wow, that meal was ok.I'm full for 300J.I don't know if the cook wanted to make sure i came back, but this meal had BIG chunks of chicken, along with the rice and peas.Since i have a full belly, i can start a likkle on the party side.Some of times i will eat a good meal, only drink water, then jump in a route mobile and head some place else for cocktails. To the beach!!I pulled in to one of my watering holes and found a seat.A few folks, sitting around, couples it looked like.Hmm, here i am all alone again. (i love it)A pretty young waitress, (she looks like i would card her)floated over to me.I never say anything first. (gotta make them talk that sweet accent)Evening sir, what can i get you.I'll have a Smirnoff-Red, on the rocks.Oh no, darling, i dont use a straw.The first one went like Usain Bolt in the 100 yard dash.AHhhh.Would you like another?, she ask.Ya cant walk on one leg.Oh they giggle so sweet.All of a sudden 5 females came over to the bar,they were ready for the night.(Hmm, i would card them too)The waitress started making rum punches and talking to the women about this or that.I deduced that they were friends of the waitress and she was hooking them up royally.One lady had to say "that's enough rum". Evening ladies, where's the party tonight?Can't remember what they said, but it was somewhere down the road.So imagine 5 young ladies, all dressed to kill, with the smell of heavenly scents, floating on the Caribbean breeze.Snap out of it Mark, who do you think you are.Another drink, please, hurry!There were 5 ladies and only 4 chairs, so 2 of them shared a seat while enjoying the drinks.What a lucky chair. They talked and laughed for about 20 minutes and then they were off. Man, they sure will be lit up when that rum kicks in.I just watched them wiggle away into the night.Shoot, there were too many of them anyway.Well old cowboy, time for you to head over to the bunk house.A nice quiet night