Mission @: He's got to land somewhere.

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It's no good, It's no good, we aren't stopping! With that, Ras disengaged the reverse thrusters and powered up the throttle. We got to get back in the air.Come on baby, come on! With 40 yards to go the nose pointed skyward. The wheels were still scraping the runway as they just lifted off the ground."Wow, we are so close, you can see the fishes in the sea." Forget the fish Ras, what will we do? BANG, POP, BAM!!! What was that?The thruster mounts snapped from all the pressure, now they were really on a wing and a prayer. Ras had a brainstorm.I have my Jamaican cell with me.If I can only contact My man Markospoon. Ring, Ring. Hello?Hey Marko, It's me Ras! Hey man, how was your flight?I'm still in the air! Look up. Ras, all I see are clouds and a low flying plane. It's me god---- it.Yeah, sure, right Ras.How long till you get here.I'm here!!I'll wave the plane.Ha Ha, Marko said."sure mon, I....Holy mothership connection, the plane is waving!Ras!, that's you flying the plane?"That's what i been trying to tell you!" It's a long story, but i need you to get help. Ok, i'll call my man, ace driver/pal Nick?