Me and My Dictator

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Happy New Year! I hope it’s not too late to wish all my dear readers and followers much success and happiness in 2019. Indeed I have not posted since 2018. Those of you who follow me on social media may know that on December 30 I slipped, fell and broke my wrist. My right wrist. For a right-handed writer/keyboard wielder, this was a minor disaster. I say minor because, thanks to my amazing orthopaedic surgeon, I am healing quite well.
So, I spent New Year’s Eve lying in a hospital bed, listening to distant fireworks and other sounds of revelry in a post-surgery haze. The nurses at Andrews Memorial Hospital were sweet and attentive. When I was in some pain, one of them had the wonderful idea of injecting a somewhat stronger painkiller. After a period of happy dreams, I fell into a deep sleep. No wonder people get addicted to this stuff.
One thing I learned more about during my recovery period (apart from patience, which I have in limited supply) was the versatility of my iPhone. While lounging on my bed and resting my arm, I discovered the voice feature, which I have never tried before but may well use again, even with two hands. I call it my Dictator.