The Markospoon Ecology Club and my cadets!

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This is what i intend to do.I'm gonna go to Sav, i need to find a clothes store for small kids.I'm gonna find baseball style caps-yellow.Short sleeve cotton, polo style shirts.I'm gonna start looking around my In-laws house , talk to the moms and dads and recruit boys and girls to be "00" members. After school and homework is done, on the weekends.Some kids dont go to school,"i have work for you young man", its called learning.Once i have about 6-10 kids, we are gonna march over to the Community Park, next to the craft market and i will teach all i know about ecology, how to take care of the beach and land.Teach computer skills on my laptop.Hey wait your turn, sit down, are you listening? do you want to learn?Don't start no monkey business, I know where you live.Maybe I'll have my uncle in law teach farming techniques too.We will then get bags and start picking up trash with sticks that have nails or something to catch the paper.Medical gloves (i saw a box of 100 count for cheap)We will march up and down the beach.Lunch time, they will be fed and given a likkle money for the morning work.I'll take back the white shirts and caps, wash them and keep them until the next meeting.If no cleaning to be found, i will teach them typing and computer skills.I know, it will be hard, maybe we wont clean up a darn thing, but, to wear the "00" shirt and cap, they must keep their heads up! and, walk tall! not yell, not curse.The mouths, "watch your mouth" first one to step out of line will be given a "nice" talking to and a 2nd chance.Tell me about your home, your family(by the way i intend to have nice conversations with the parents first)We will not tolerate bad behavior while on these missions.Now, my motives are for my own benefit.I want a legion of young adults, on the right path, this way there will be 20-40 less juvenile delinquents to mess with this old man. I know, "hard job", but if its easy, let someone else do it.We are men, gosh darn it, MEN!So if you see a man with a yellow hat, white shirt and 10 little ecology cadets, dressed similar walking with him,its me!