Manchester Parish Council represents the largest verifiable corruption ever at local government.

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I am reading with pain how the people put in charge of the Manchester Parish Council used their position to steal over $400m from the people to enrich themselves.

How on earth can someone not working walk in to various banks 41 times and en-cashed over $15m , where absolutely no work was done. Where were the system in place when Noel Arscott was the Minister.

Although Noel is no longer the Minitser he must be called upon to give account for his stewardship or lack thereof.

I am not for one minute suggesting he was involved in any wrong doing, but as the responsible minister he ought to have know what was taking place under his watch.

It cannot be that the PNP Minister are given a free ride when they fail but the public holds the JLP to account as they should, no something is wrong in Jamdung.

We hear of houses and land be bought to the tune of millions of dollars of tax payers money, how on earth was this allowed to go undetected for so long .

It really pains my heart to see the level of theft that took place here and is equally surprised about the lack of outrage from the usual suspects. how convenient .