Man caught his wife in bed with another woman (True Story)

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WHILE it may be many men’s dream, when Fred discovered his wife of 17  years and mother of his two children in bed with another woman, joining in the ‘fun’ was the furthest thing from his mind, even though his friends still won’t quit teasing him about it.“I may be different from other men, because I have friends who tell me I was joking because I should have just joined the both of them,” he said.“But to tell you the truth, when I saw them my heart sank and my desire disappeared.”He said the situation affected him so much that his blood pressure could not be stabilised for a long time.“My doctor kept giving me tablets until at one time I was taking four different blood pressure tablets. This is a woman I married after I lost my first wife tragically, and I have always treated my women with due respect and love. Always.  I don’t act as if I own her.