Lobster at Eddies Da Bar on the Westend

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It seems the kids are having a ball.So, when the sun starts to set, dinner time is near i told my daughter i would take her out for dinner. Where are the rest I asked, oh they are somewhere having dinner.Ok, lets go.We walked to the road and i counted 3 of my regular drivers. My 2nd favorite was sitting in the back of his van.Wake up man, lets go!Yeah , yeah, i'm ready he says.Where to dad?oH, i'm gonna show you the west end tonight.Thw westend is still new to me. Only had a few trips up that way in the past.Chicken Lavish sounds like the place tonight.We get there and find a table.I showed Martina the menu, she pointed to the curry chicken and i had the fried chicken. So we sat and waited a while, i got up and walked to the road while we were waiting for the food.Whoa, that is the place that used to be Bar A Buv.Right across the street.Looks like it is up and running, forgot the new name.ANyway, i get back to Martina and the food comes quick enough. Martina has always had a good appetite, this night she almost ate the plate.Our taxi guy had come back and was parked on the road, waiting. Hey man, run us over to Eddies Da BAr, i want to take a look see.