Lobster at Eddies Da Bar on the Westend

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It seems the kids are having a ball.So, when the sun starts to set, dinner time is near i told my daughter i would take her out for dinner. Where are the rest I asked, oh they are somewhere having dinner.Ok, lets go.We walked to the road and i counted 3 of my regular drivers. My 2nd favorite was sitting in the back of his van.Wake up man, lets go!Yeah , yeah, i'm ready he says.Where to dad?oH, i'm gonna show you the west end tonight.Thw westend is still new to me. Only had a few trips up that way in the past.Chicken Lavish sounds like the place tonight.We get there and find a table.I showed Martina the menu, she pointed to the curry chicken and i had the fried chicken. So we sat and waited a while, i got up and walked to the road while we were waiting for the food.Whoa, that is the place that used to be Bar A Buv.Right across the street.Looks like it is up and running, forgot the new name.ANyway, i get back to Martina and the food comes quick enough. Martina has always had a good appetite, this night she almost ate the plate.Our taxi guy had come back and was parked on the road, waiting. Hey man, run us over to Eddies Da BAr, i want to take a look see. There was a little crowd, maybe 10 people there.I walked to the back, where I saw some men cooking.Excuse me, is Eddie here?"I'm Eddie" the gent said.Hey man, you are famous, people are talking about your place on the internet.Eddie had a very big smile when i said thatYou and Trevor too.This guy stuck his head out of the cook room."that is Trevor"Hey dudes, i'm planning on bringing my daughter here tomorrow, what's a good time?Anytime he said.Ok, see you tomorrow.Eddie and Trevor seemed like 2 cool cats.Next day, i tell Martina to meet me at my room about 3 o'clock.Around noon, i cam back from a long walk, had a beer and laid down.I was out like a light when the knocking came to my door.It was Martina and another girlWhoa, what time is it?Its 3 dad!Were you sleep?Yes I was,BUt i'll be ready soon.So I washed up and we are off again to the Westend.We arrive at Da Bar and there were just Eddie, Trevor and a couple of locals.After looking at the menu board, we decided on 3 lobster dinner with veggies and rice.Rice and calalou come with the Lobster man.while waiting, i had a Smirnoff Red and a beer.The way eddie prepared the lobster was cool.I guess he boiled it in the back, then brought the lobsters to the front grill.It kinda looked like 6 big loaves of curled garlic bread with some kind of coating on top of the lobster.He grilled it for a while trevor brought the rice and peas with the calalou, then Eddie brought these giant lobsters over, he served it and brought over bowls of melted butter and garlic or something for dipping.Martina and her friend were in heaven!Me too!The meal was very good, the vegeis and rice moist and tasty, and i have tasted many a rice and peas, some people just do it right, like Trevor!I was enjoying the first lobster so, that i forgot there was a bowl of butter sauce for dipping.The lobster was done, TENDER! and taste so good!!!!2 big lobsters, calalou and rice and peas.I was stuffed with a smile on my face. Since Lobster is on the "high end" price wise everywhere, i am glad that i chose Eddie's Da Bar.Eddie and the crew are cool, laid back smooth gents.I highly recommend his place!!