A lightning storm out at sea

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Hey Marko, what's up Mon?Oh, I'm just chillin like a villain.what are you doing?I'm just about to drive by your hotel, do you need a lift anywhere?Nope, not tonight, come on by anyway.Ok, soon come.I was sitting on the veranda and i see this white Toyota pull up in the driveway. It's always nice seeing Nick.We may not have any kind of plan for the day, but once we put our heads together all kinds of ideas will pop up. I may mention that i need this or thatand he'll say, cool, i can stop by my cousins house, he lives close to the place we are going.That day or night will turn into a new adventure for me.When you go visiting in Jamaica, it's rarely a short visit.Depending on the time of day, you can sit and laugh for hours, people coming and going, maybe eat dinner too. Tonight, he was just chillin out, no plans for him either,We sat and pondered the mysteries of the universe for about 2 hours.Just 2 knuckle heads having fun.Well, time for me to head home, Nick said. Ok Nick, I'll see you tomorrow.Later Mon.Cool, drive easy man. It was dark and a little windy.Very nice for a summer night in Negril.I stuffed some money in my pockets grabbed a few road supplies and headed across the boulevard.Bar B Barn had the torches lit along the entrance to the beach.I walked by the dining area and noticed how cool the tables and everything look with the night lights on.Where are you going?It was one of the cute waitresses,No place in particular i said. Just strollin down the beach tonight.When i got to the beach, i made a right turn and just started walking.I saw a flash out at sea, then another one.What the ......It was a lightning storm, way out at sea. I mean, like every 7 seconds you could see the lightning shooting through the clouds,making all kinds of different colors in the sky.It looked like explosions in the sky, miles and miles wide!I walked and walked, watching the storm along with many other people on the beach. Some were not paying attention to the storm like i was.I guess it is nothing new to them.I found a seat at one of the beach establishments and just watched the lightning and thunder strikes for about 1 whole hour, listening to music, watching people dancing.The storm never came close, just a likkle breeze was all you could feel.Those thunder and lightning strikes put the 4th of July fireworks in the States to shame.