A Lie Dem a Tell Pon Lady Musgrave?

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Two spelling systems are used for the Jamaican language below. The first, which I call ‘chaka-chaka’, is based on English spelling. The second, ‘prapa-prapa’, is the specialist system designed by the Jamaican linguist Frederic Cassidy. It has been updated by the Jamaican Language Unit at the University of the West Indies, Mona. After the two Jamaican versions, there’s an English translation.


Inna 1988, Gleaner publish one story wid dis ya headline: Lady Musgrave Road – born out of hatred and envy’. Di smaddy weh write it name Nyenpan Tarpeh-Doe. Dat sound like one name from Liberia. Fi man. Mi no know if Tarpeh-Doe born a Africa or if im born a Jamaica an gi imself dat deh name. Mi know nuff smaddy dash weh dem slave name an tek up African name. Dem a emancipate demself from mental slavery.