Let’s Stop the Stigma and Discrimination Around COVID-19

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“Fight the virus, not the people.”
The Ministry of Health and Wellness is still concerned about stigma and discrimination against those who are suspected of having the virus. When there is a major public health issue, this is the last thing Jamaica needs. It reminds me somewhat of what Jamaicans living with HIV/AIDS faced in their communities and in public places (and this has not entirely gone away). It is sparked by fear of the unknown; but then, much of stigma and discrimination stems from fear and not knowing. The emotions and attitudes (and resulting actions) are similar.
This is what the Ministry had to say on the matter on March 21. Please, let us have more empathy and understanding. Would you like your mother or son to be treated this way because of a disease that he/she will most likely recover from?
And besides, you may just catch it yourself! Just remember: stay home, practice good hygiene, and look after your physical and mental health. That way, you can protect yourself and others.