Kool Runnings

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YouTube? iTube...We all Tube!
oh my oh my oh my oh my oh…. ok i won’t bore you with more words. instead i will show you what i am talking about…. courtesy of (us at go-jamaica.com) and YouTube, I bring you Kool Running’s, Negril, Westmorlands, Jamaica, The Carrabean. Ahem – listen up…Get involved:

It’s a quarter to midnight right now and we left Kool Runnings at 3pm (it opens at 11, we were the for four hours – and didn’t see more than 2/3rds of it). Why am I writing you a mathematical style travel blog? Because I need to tell you that my adrenaline is running again after just watching these videos – 8 hours after I slid. Here’s another video just for fun:
Superfast rocket – ‘Not for the weak hearted’