Kartel Long Dragged out Trial Update Kmrt

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No dem raass attorney and da Rass judge yah a mek mi get pink .... 

I find it hard to comprehend why it have to take these people so dam long to come to one tara-tara-claaat verdict... Dem man yah inna jail since 2011 wi inna 2014 now ...from how long dem a carry out dem investigation till Dem affi come wid dem puss in a bag mek up evidence... And yet still they can't pronounce these men either GUILTY or NOT bumboclaat GUILTY is this shit some rocket science or something like 
Down to di people dem weh nuh rate Kartel affi a Seh a joke ting dem ppl yah a deal wid 
Pree the Gleaner Report 
Justice Lennox Campbell this afternoon asked the 11-member jury at the Vybz Kartel murder trial to consider the text message

attributed to the entertainer’s phone which stated that Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams was chopped up like mince meat. Justice Campbell said based on the language the author must be of the view that ‘lizard’ was not going to return. The judge said one way to look at it was that it spoke to disposal and the author must have known that it was unlikely for lizard to surface after sending that text message. He remarked that it would be a most uncouth police who would have made up such a text message unless he knew for a fact that lizard would not return. The judge made the comment as he reviewed the evidence of Detective Sergeant Patrick Linton who retrieved text messages, voice notes and images from a cellphone said to belong to Kartel. Justice Campbell reminded the jury that the defence had argued that the text messages were manipulated and tampered with. He also told them that the defence had suggested to Linton that someone else had access to phone and that he put material on the phone. Justice Campbell told the jury that it is for them to decide whether someone interfered with the phone while it was in the custody of the police. He also told them that they must look at what all the text messages are saying and see how they can assist them in their decision. Kartel and Kahira Jones, Shane Williams, André St John, and entertainer Shawn Campbell, also called Shawn Storm are on trial for Williams’ August 2011 murder. He was allegedly killed over two missing guns.