Just a little breakfast this morning

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First full day in Negril was magic. My best friend in Negril finally got his car working Friday morning. I wake up at 6:30-7:00 am like clockwork even at home in Chicago.The sun rising is so sweet and "dare I say" soft as a babies bottom. The humming birds are having breakfast right outside my door!A nice veranda or patio or balcony makes all the difference to me. Outdoors! Give me OUTDOORS, please!I decided to head across the road to the beach for breakfast. Beep-Beep, no thanks to the taxi man, I just keep walking, Beep-beep I turn to look and it is my old friend who does private taxi excursions around Negril. "whats up man" We talk a little while and laugh.So, after a while i head to Bar-B-Barn, but no coffee is ready. So i just walk next door to Mom's, I see a pretty waitress and plant myself in one of the empty seats.Coffee in the morning is a gift from the almighty for me.Now I feel like I can fight a lion (a small one).I just sit in my chair at Mom's Place on the beach. They have a little smooth jaz going on the box and out of nowhere one of my favorite tunes "Touch" by John Klemmer comes on.Ahhh, this is too PUrrrfect!!!The owner's name is Rob.