Just chillin out on a rainy day in Negril

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It was the rainy season, but when you get the opportunity to get out of Dodge, go.I woke up on my 3rd day in Negril and it was a beutiful outside. I cleaned up andJogged over to my fav breakfast place and ate like a King. With a full belly, I took a swim then headed back to the room for a shower.The bathroom has a window in the shower, with wooden velour blids and a screen.It's great, to take a shower and look outside at the same time.So, i was bathimg and i hear this sound."What the?It was the rain falling. I finished my shower, grabbed a towel and opened the hotel door. It was pouring down cats and dogs. The kind that lets you know it would not end soon.So there i was, all clean and nowhere to go.I dont watch T.V. too much while on vaca, but, what else could i do?I sat down clicked on the tube and started surfing the cable.I found the Western Channel and my heart skipped a beat.I love, not like, love, old cowboy movies, the ones inblack and white.I looked over and saw that my ice cooler was running low on ice. 15-20 cubes left from last night and alot of water. Looking down through the water and ice i could see a brown color. Red Stripes!