A Journey for Justice in the Americas: In Kingston Tomorrow Evening

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In January, 2014, I happened to be on Orange Street just a short while after Nakiea Jackson was shot dead by the police in his cookshop. I wrote about it here. I also noted later that month:

A lady whom I don’t know posted a comment yesterday on my article about the alleged police killing of a young chef, Nakiea Jackson, in Orange Villa, Kingston. She says that she is Nakiea’s sister, but as I say, I have not verified this. But just read her words: “No more lies, no more abuse of the corpse, no more laughing over his blood as it slowly dries in the ground, the ground where he just has his last meal…”  The CVM Television report on Mr. Jackson’s shooting showed a long smear of blood from his cookshop, where he was allegedly killed, out onto Orange Street, where he had been dragged; and a glimpse of Mr. Jackson’s body, apparently thrown sideways and face down on the road.