Jokes on who?

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About 2 months ago VW came out with an advert that raised much controversy.  It portrayed a white Caucasian dude with a healthy Jamaican attitude and a believable enough accent, trying to infuse his co-workers with positivity.  The theme was 'come on get happy' and the suggestion was that driving a VW Beetle or even being a passenger in the car would make you happy and happiness was embodied in the Jamaican spirit. It generated a flurry of responses.  VW said that they had a consultant Jamaican, Jimmy Cliff, and they were satisfied because he was satisfied with the product.  Jimmy was after all one of our cultural ambassadors. That didn't stop people from being polarized.  The loudest cries against came from non-Jamaicans of opposite hue.  There were cries that the advert was racist, stereo-typing the Jamaican culture. Some felt that an actual Jamaican is the only one who should attempt to speak and act Jamaican so as to avoid offending Jamaicans.  Others said that only a black person should attempt the accent and Jamaican and black were being used synonymously.